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Your Veg Box

Market fresh fruit and veg to your door in and around Teddington, TW11.
Delivering Tuesdays and Fridays.


What We Do

We are a Teddington based business serving our local community. We believe that the best way to enjoy fruit and veg is to minimise the time between picking and eating.

Our mission is to supply the freshest seasonal produce, with minimal packaging, in the most convenient way possible.  We hand select our fruit and veg on the same day we deliver to you and we don't hold stock overnight, so our produce is always fresh.  All of our excess fruit and veg goes to local food banks.

Because we select the best produce available each morning, contents of boxes will vary.

Our Subscriptions

We offer a number of weekly subscriptions offering delivery of products on a nominated day.

To subscribe, please follow the link below to send us your contact/delivery details and choose your preferred option.

Get in Touch

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